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Saturday, March 3, 2018

SoCA Building, 37 University Avenue



10:00 am        Ukulele Workshop   

– Eric Ingalls – Long & McQuade

How to teach and play ukulele. The beginning student and teacher will learn the basics of ukulele. Teachers’ resources will be available to purchase.

Ensemble Room


10:00 am        Best Practices for Flute Playing

Dr. Jonathan Bayley

This workshop will address the fundamental concepts relating to flute performance (eg. tone, technique, articulation, intonation, etc.) Common problems, often found in students’ playing, will also be addressed (grades 6-12). This workshop should be of interest to all teachers who are responsible for either teaching flute privately or in a school band setting.

Classroom 3


11:00 am        Keep Yourself Talking: Secrets from a Singing Teacher

– Dr. Jennifer Swanson

This workshop will focus on practical techniques for maintaining a healthy speaking voice and preventing vocal fold injuries. Basic anatomy and physiology of the voice will be covered as well as specific exercises and classroom strategies for good vocal fold health.

Classroom 3


11:00 am        Conducting

– Dr. Janice Waldron

How to develop and teach balance, blend, and tuning with grade 6-12  bands. There will also be a mini-workshop on conducting.

Ensemble Room




1:00 pm          Dalcroze                    

– Dr. Sharon Dutton

This workshop introduces and demonstrates Dalcroze pedagogy techniques (eurythmics, solfege, and improvisation) which can be applied in music classrooms (Kindergarten through college). Be prepared to move, to be challenged, and to experience the joy of synthesizing mind, body, and spirit through rhythmic movement.

Ensemble Room


1:00 pm          To Say or Not to Say- To Gesture or Not to Gesture?

– Dr. Patti Hopper

Rehearsal Talk:  How does a conductor maintain pacing in rehearsal?  What challenges do conductors experience in rehearsal?  What are the strategies that could be used in rehearsal?

A Student and Teacher Perspective of Talk in Rehearsal.  Educators, conductors, and students are going to talk about the “talk” in a secondary school band/choir rehearsal.  Specific issues that may occur in rehearsal will be presented and discussed.

Classroom 3


2:00 pm          The Choral Sound – Voicing and Sounding the Choir 

– Dr. Bruce Kotowich

One of the first qualities we notice in a choir is their Sound – Timbre.  This doesn’t occur by happenstance but through careful attention to many factors. In this workshop we will explore factors that affect timbre. Participants will experience approaches to vocal technique, choral discipline, choir management, and selection of repertoire

Ensemble Room


2:00 pm          OMEA Resources    

– Betty Lee-Daigle and Jane Wamsley

Free resources and materials will be shown at this workshop that people may access to help them teach the elements of music using experienced teachers’ resources created for music educators. Sign up to become a member. Students are free! More resources are available for all OMEA-paid member that will be shown at this workshop as well.

Classroom 3


 3:00 pm          Vocal Warm-ups      

– Elspeth Maynard

Making sure your singers are physically ready to sing is so important to the student’s voice, the understanding of their instrument and the success of your lesson as the vocal music teacher.  In this workshop, we will explore the many various types of exercises and the Who, What, Where, When, and Why for each.  Be prepared to participate!

Ensemble Room


3:00 pm          My Favourite iPad Apps                 

– Michael Oddy

Mr. Oddy will share and briefly demonstrate some of the very useful, but perhaps not so commonly known, iPad apps that he uses on a regular basis in his work as a music educator and with his elementary level students.

Classroom 3  







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Music Moves Kids

County Classic Chorale

Windsor Symphony Chorus

Windsor-Essex Youth Choir

Chorale du Tricentenaire

University of Windsor Choirs

Windsor Classic Chorale

….and a massed choral piece as the finale conducted by

Dr. Rachel Rensink-Hoff

Admission by donation at the door

The Windsor Classic Chorale is a proud member of the Association of Canadian Choral Communities and Choirs Ontario