We Value Your Support

Your support means that we can continue presenting high-quality choral music, collaborating with guest artists, and partnering with other organizations from throughout the country to bring great choral music to you.


Charitable Registration Number: 11929 9766 RR0001

As a non-profit organization, the WCC relies on financial support from individuals, like you, to help us with basic operating costs as well as special projects. Make a tax-deductible financial gift to the WCC in one of the following ways:

  1. Canada Helps donation. Use the “Donate Now” link on our Canada Helps page to make a secure one-time donation or set up monthly contributions. Consider becoming a sustaining donor by participating in the 100 for 100 Fund.
  2. INTERAC e-Transfer. Add as the recipient; there is no security question required. Please include your name, address, and phone number in the reference area.
  3. Mail a cheque. We are located at Windsor Classic Chorale, PO Box 7304, Windsor, ON N9C 4E9. Please be sure to include your return address, so we can provide a tax receipt.


Place an advertisement for your business, event, or organization in our concert(s). Your ad will reach Windsor-Essex residents and provide financial support for WCC programming.

For further information, please contact our General Manager, Adam Iannetta, at


Whether you are interested in a position with our Board, willing to help with special projects, or available to volunteer at our concerts, we welcome your involvement. Let us know how you would like to help!

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